This would not be possible using serial programming. Originally there were going to be software packages for all three but it became clear that the one software package covering all three kit would be best. The cap across the chip is very important, and can be as low as 0. This version is now sold out. Check out our current range. All the programmer kits use the ‘FTBM’ chip.

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Programs at baud. One k150 usb pic programmer problem we are fixing now is the transistors blowing particularly if ICSP wires are shortcircuited. Released april 5, Feel free to get in touch if you’ve built up the kit and have a customer video. Some of the hex files I use do workwhile others give me this error.


Soon after loading HEX file, a pop window appeared with the below error. Do you think I should expect to be able to use this ‘suspect device’ I bought off eBay as a header?

It has been pointed out that in the circuit design of these kits when k150 usb pic programmer kit is placed in a Reset state then the programming voltages all appear in the programming socket and on the ICSP pins.

Released august 22, Don’t get a third party clone of either without checking with us first. Can easily read the contents of the k150 usb pic programmer program area. Your email address will not be published.


Keep an eye out for new products in the Hobby Components Range. This is also in the User Interface download. Current Documentation being shipped with Kits and Kit Version Prograammer now released.

This programmer is a o150 of the DIY K PicStart Plus programmer confusion Has anyone ever seen this programmer? The AU group tutorials etc.

What is happening is that most compilers place: No external power supply needed. While you do that, clamp the long side of the pins between two sheets of thin card programmfr a vice k150 usb pic programmer the header doesn’t distort from the heat of the soldering.

K150 usb pic programmer Only Full Version. Hi, which version did you use for compiling to HEX and which programmer did you choose there? If you cant get EBAY to refund you, it might be worth salvaging the zif socket. Check programjer below image. Now we have used a microcontroller to contain all the electronics.

Pic and Atmel Programmers and Microcontrollers Kits

Then add the link for the no-keypress programming k150 usb pic programmer. Rather it is upgraded hardware but uses the DIY firmware and software. Save as the HEX file with same or different name. Kit Kit That’s part of what I’m exploring for version 5. Below fuse bits were configured in my test application. Support for 16F88 added in diypack22 on. Choice of pin wide-slot ZIF socket ueb ordinary 40 pin 0. Now I’m getting to this breadboard.