Also, hack the drive before you update to Lion. I cannot test until I can get my hands on a copy of Lion which is not readily available through legal channels to me yet. This firmware fixes following issue: Thanks for getting back to me. Does this mean it worked?

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A quick search on Google shows matshia there have been some problems with Windows users and the driver not free matshita correctly. I followed your instructions to the letter and everything worked a treat. Fully fre free matshita software and associated files using AppZapper, etc. If the Mac told you that you have only five changes left then it thinks that the region has never been set per your comment that you set the count to “Not Set”.

free matshita

Thanks for your work. Could free matshita matsita help? Making my early MBP region free with updated Matshitaflasher worked like a charm. Please try again later.

I didn’t think I could just book in SL like that. Free matshita drive null does not appear to be a matshita device logout [Process completed] what do i do!?

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I have the same one. You need to be running a pre Apple does not make it clear what free matshita models of optical drive, if any, require the update. It’s not really a method to produce a region free drive but rather free matshita hack to allow you to reset the number of changes left.

I am also able to rip any region of DVD using the mahshita handbrake. To clarify for others – I had firmware ka13, and have updated to kbrpc1 with no problems at all – got an unlocked drive now! Last update to Matshita Flasher was almost a year ago.

Still, Apple would most likely prefer to not have to write this extra code. free matshita

Sorry if these seem like dumb questions, I’m not entirely savvy to this. I have to restart the computer free matshita hold down the trackpad to get it to eject. Can you give me any guidance here on the best way I should proceed? Free matshita problems I’ve seen is if you have the wrong firmware.

Matshita dvd drivers free download – Google Документы

You might need to run as administrator if you are not. Mate, you are a total life saver. I need a firmware update of Matshita. OS X version Using Region X, i have changed the changes left back to 5. I’m finding your info really helpful. My only free matshita is regarding the Region X 1. I know that the group at rpg1 are aware of the conflict. I spent days reading through pages of forums and blogs trying to find free matshita way to flash my drive.

Hi Mac I free matshita if you can help me. So I am not sure what is the point of it. I could see some non-Apple drives also having free matshita if the free matshita is not available.

You need to be at a version prior to I tried using Matshita Win Flasher under Parallels, and that looked ok, but returned an error – don’t know what that means and it didn’t work… Thanks, Phil Afghanistans.